Sally Beauty Favorites

I used to rarely set foot in a Sally Beauty. I always found the stores somehow overwhelming, I suppose because most of the merchandise is pretty unfamiliar to someone who typically only shops at mass market retailers. Then I got laid off and decided to forgo salon haircuts and highlights and do all that myself. I went to Sally and spent about $15 on scissors, color, developer and a little brush and mixing cup. I even got reasonably good at cutting my boyfriend's hair and I do still give him a touch-up from time to time.

Now of course Sally sells nail polish but I have to admit it's not my favorite place to buy polish. For one thing I don't like China Glaze and for another thing, you could go into a Sally on 20 different occasions and find all of the exact same colors every single time. Holiday is a special collection bonanza time at Sally but aside from that it's kind of a bust.

However there are a lot of products I've discovered at Sally that I truly adore, so I thought I'd babble on about them here.

Coloresse Smooth Shampoo

I recently went to Sally's to stock up on a different Coloresse product, but this caught my eye and there was a $2 coupon, so I bit. I love this shampoo! I noticed a difference in smoothness the very first time I used it. It lasted into the second day, too, and my hair smelled very clean and felt very soft. I am bonkers for this shampoo. At about $8 it's more than I would ideally like to pay for shampoo, but if you work your Sally's card and any available discounts you can knock down the price a little bit. (Coloresse is the Sally version of the Pureology line, if you're familiar.)

Beyond the Zone Turn Up The Heat Protection Spray

I bought a sample size of this product on a lark and it worked so well I picked up the full size a few weeks ago. I'll save the sample bottle for travel. This is a slick-feeling spray that I spritz on my wet hair before combing it out after a shower. Sometimes I put a little bit more on the ends after blow-drying and before flat-ironing. My hair has been much easier to manage and seems to suffer less from the effects of the flat iron, too. The one drawback of this is the faux-grape, Fruity Pebbles scent. It doesn't really bug me but it is a little cloying. However, I don't notice it in my hair once it's dry. This is also about $8, but the trial size is $2.79.

Palladio Fuse Nail Bonding Base Coat
I feel very strongly about this base coat, and I feel it gets approximately no love on the nail board. I like the consistency of this product, it's about $4 with my Sally card and I can typically get 5-6 days out of a manicure if I need to. Excellent product.

Palladio Flexi-Strong Ridge Filler
Another winner from the Palladio line of treatments is this ridge filler, which I use with any creme-finish polish. My nails aren't terribly ridged but this definitely helps prevent a good deal of staining and provides a nice smooth surface for the polish. I do the ridge filler first and then the Fuse base coat. Never had a problem with any brand of polish, regardless of the formula. The only time I wouldn't use this is with a glitter polish but that's only because any nail imperfections are less noticeable with glitters and foils.

Customer loyalty and the Sally discount

Naturally, Sally offers more significant discounts to professionals, but regular consumers like you and me can still get the Sally card. It costs $5 up front, but you receive a $5 coupon in return. You also get discounts on certain products - for example, without the card, the Palladio products I mentioned are $4.49; with the card they are $3.99. In addition, if you spend $25 during a given month, you'll get a 15% off coupon to use the following month. I also receive Sally mailings that often include a 15% off coupon. So the opportunity for discounts is there. I also look for the tear-off pad of coupons during promotions for different products - you can usually use them in conjunction with your card.

Are you a Sally fan? If so, what are your favorites?


H said...

I went into Sally for the first time a couple weeks ago when I was on the hunt for Black Shatter and Mermaid's Tears. I then found out that they didn't have OPI products at all, but they do have a pretty decent collection of other polishes. Now that I know about the discount card I will definitely be going back.

Someone recommended a Pureology product to me recently so I'll have to check out the Coloresse line.

Adrianna said...

I love Sally's! I particularly enjoy their large bottles of acetone remover for natural nails, it's super cheap compared to other smaller bottles.

Silvergirl said...

I started going to Sally Beauty Supply because it was close to home. I found a shampoo, conditioner, and mousse that I really like. It's called So Gorgeous, and it works for my hair, giving it shine and volume.

I also found a good shampoo for my 21 year old daughter, who has very curly frizzy hair - she did not get that from me, lol! It's called Proclaim Olive oil - with a separate shampoo and conditioner. The price is right on these products, and they don't break the bank. Her shampoo and conditioner costs $7.49 for a 33 oz bottle, and mine is 6.49 for each product in the So Gorgeous line. I just bought some Palladio ridge filler, along with 2 other ridge fillers from Sally. The others are Orly Nail Armor, and Beauty Secrets ridge filler. I have yet to try them out, but will be doing my nails this weekend. Gee, which one do I try first? Probably the Orly.

I have the discount card, and once in a while, it is nice to shop in the store, but the latest purchase just arrived today with free shipping, and a $10 online discount for Father's day.

The place where I used to get my hair cut was always selling Paul Mitchell, but the So Gorgeous line is better for my hair. YMMV - your mileage may vary.