Color Update, New Polishes

Hi there, here are a few colors that I've worn recently along with (as ever) my thoughts on the important world issue of nail lacquer.


This polish was perfection, truly perfection. I wanted Greenport for a while, but by the time I decided I wanted it, the North Fork collection was nearly out of circulation. I found Sag Harbor, but still I hunted Greenport high and low -- it was even sold out at my favorite secret squirrel beauty supply store and online. So, as resourceful women do in these situations, I turned to the vast black market of eBay and found it for the retail price (and only slightly used, as I discovered somewhat to my dismay when I received it). I really love the color: A slightly gray, slightly dusty, hint-of-minty green that looks unusual and sophisticated all at once. I got several compliments on this one. The application was great (I used two coats) and I have to say, I am really developing a soft spot for Essie polishes. I don't know if I used one in the past that was problematic or if I just thought Essie was strictly pinks and sheers, but I had an irrational thing against them for some reason. It's true that I don't own one single "traditional" Essie -- all of mine are the oddball colors like Greenport, Sag Harbor, Mesmerize, Chinchilly, etc. Which leads me to say to Essie: Moar fun colors plz!


I was a bit afraid of this one, to be honest. I'd wanted it for a long time and then somewhere along the line developed an intense dislike of China Glaze. Actually I've been sitting on the edge of a big ball of blah regarding China Glaze for some time now and I can be silent no longer.

I have been picked on (albeit gently) on the nail board for defending Butter London polishes -- a brand that is generally disliked on the nail board. But sometimes someone will ask about it and I'll pipe up that I really do like my Butter London polishes. And then I will sort of get prodded for it, which I think sort of sucks. Because here's the thing: I never talk about how crappy I think China Glaze's typical quality is, even when everyone else is raving about it. I just don't think it's all that great, consistently. (That being said I may or may not have ordered a couple recently. I'll put up with a lot of quality issues for a good color.)

Anyway, that's the most recent news -- I'll share my thoughts on my new China Glazes at some point soon, I'm sure.


Quick Hits

So....I've been kind of bad about taking pictures of my nails lately. I know, I know, bad addict. Bad addict! I think I forgot to photograph Nina Ultra Pro Brandywine, which I picked up on clearance at Sally. I wasn't even there for nail polish! But as always, the siren song was too strong to ignore. The display of China Glaze's Wizard collection was largely decimated (not that I was terribly hot for it to begin with), but they had a full display of the Nina Velvet collection, so I also grabbed Velvet Seas. I really like these Nina polishes -- very affordable and they apply nicely. The color selection doesn't offer an overwhelming amount to write home about, but if Purple-Xing and this Velvet collection are any indication, maybe there are more fun surprises in store.

I also didn't photograph Sally Hansen American Beauty. A Canadian exclusive! Sorry about that one.

So, here is where I was going to show you a picture of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Pizzazz, but all my pictures were super bad. But! This is a really, really cool polish and it's so purple. Like grape popsicle purple. So it's this vibrant purple jelly base with either red or dark pink glitter (sometimes it looks red to me...sometimes more magenta/pink), and it applies very well. For whatever reason, it also stinks to high heaven, but then again so does all nail polish to some degree. This is the only new Xtreme Wear I bought, although Wet Cement, The Real Teal and Pacific Blue all looked interesting to me. I guess I felt they were too dupey or potentially dupey (especially the grey).

Wow...think of how many way more important things happened in the world in the time it took me to write that. Sorry.

Here is Zoya Astra, and I just have to say, holy wow.

So this is light pink and dark pink glitter in a slightly pink jelly base, which, I'm guessing, is part of what allows these UltraGlitters to be opaque in two coats. I knew when this was going on that it would be a terrible pain to remove but, I just have to say, WORTH IT. After wearing this, I've decided I would really like a purple glitter just like it, with dark and light purple glitter in a light purple jelly base. (Perhaps the new Sparkles from Nubar will fit the bill). The effect is just stunning, way more stunning (in my opinion) than one single color of glitter. RECOMMEND.

Aaaaand that brings me to yet another color I didn't photograph: China Glaze Flying Dragon. I hated this polish: gloopy, muddy, gritty, gross. It's beautiful in the bottle and hopeless on the nail. I've heard other people say they have problems with this one, but, ugh. If you've ever eyed it, skip it.

Ugh -- I want to talk about Orly Nail Rescue, and Illamasqua and Rescue Beauty Lounge but that will all have to wait. More soon!