Glitter Gal Light As A Feather

I've been waiting not-so-patiently for the new Glitter Gal linear holos to be available in the U.S. Earlier this week I received the long-awaited email and I quickly ordered Lizard Belly, a dark green (!) linear holo (!!) and Light As A Feather, a white linear holo (!!!).

Before I get into that however I need to tell you about taking off the Missha purple glitter. How much foil, how many cotton balls, how much acetone was sacrificed in the name of getting that stuff off my nails? I hesitate to try and tote up the damages. Not even 10 minutes with foil wrapped around my fingers did the trick. It merely softened the glitter's hold on my nails until I could gently pick it off with an orange stick. Also there was glitter EVERYWHERE. I said on Twitter that it looked like I murdered Ke$ha in my bathroom sink.

After all of that my nails were surprisingly undamaged, but I did use my ridge filler just to be on the safe side.
Light As A Feather. This is a white linear holo with a jellyish quality to it, and as you can see it comes out a soft, delicate mist gray on the nail. I used three coats.
In this nail wheel swatch, you can see that Light As A Feather (far left) looks very white, not gray. My nail wheels are white, and I suspect that if you did two or more coats of the holo over a white polish, you might get closer to this effect. I tried it over two coats of Sally Hansen White On and didn't like my result, but that's probably more the fault of White On. The Asian Girl suggested Essie Marshmallow as a base and I agree. I love Essie Marshmallow's application and coverage. (You can also see Lizard Belly on this nail wheel. It's gorgeous!)
Taken in early morning sun. You can see more of the holo in these pictures. Application was a breeze - the jellyish texture makes it super easy to apply.
I ordered these polishes from shop.llarowe.com and my experience was excellent! I ordered on 8/16 and received my polishes 8/19. Shipping is so reasonable and I think we can all agree that sometimes that is a make-or-break with e-tailers. I have heard international buyers rave about the shop as well. (No I'm not affiliated...just a very big fan.)

As an aside, I'm not having much luck finding the new Halloween releases from Wet n Wild or the new Revlons. I'm not sure how many (if any) of these I want to get, but I do want to see them in the wild. Yesterday I did happen upon the new Maybelline limited edition fall releases, and picked up Cool Couture (a dusty opaque blue-gray with blue shimmer) and Be Scene In Green (a medium green shot through with gold and green shimmer). Here's a quick peek:

L-R: Be Scene In Green, Cool Couture.

More news on those as events warrant!


Leah said...

Light as a Feather looks gorgeous on you! Can't wait for Lizard Belly. Try a milky ridge filler as the base for your Light as a Feather.

The Daily Crumpet said...

I cannot WAIT til my 7 arrive from Leah Anne's shop - too excited for words!!

PS - murdered Ke$ha in the bathroom sink? i genuinely lolled at that :) xx

Glitter Gal said...

Hi,thanks so much from the Glitter Gals down under "Kerry and Anna", big kisses for supporting Leah Ann xxx ps we also posted the link on Glitter Gal facebook,yeah!