Lipstick break!

The pictures I've taken of the Sally Hansen Prism in Ruby Sapphire are making me mad, so I'm going to share this fun lip gloss with you today.

I first read about Maybelline Shine Sensational Pop Sticks on Scrangie's blog and the 7th grade girl in me wanted one real bad. I saw them a few times at different drugstores but couldn't pull the trigger (mostly because I kept seeing them at Rite Aid and my CVS bucks don't work at Rite Aid, and I am a cheap bastard). I finally relented today, on the rationale that I am nothing if not a lip balm addict.
These are billed as "tinted" but if you can tell a difference in the color of your lips after using them, you're a better woman than I and surprise, they actually are! There is a definite raspberry pink tint to this one, which surprised me. It is moderately shiny and a bit moisturizing. I'll probably use it under or over lipstick that I find drying.
They have a slight fruit scent but it's not terribly overpowering. And the container is super cute!
They're kinda neat - translucent jelly, but not mushy or melty. They're slick and shiny.
This is Fruit Punch. It provides a nice coat of shine for your lips and would probably be fine over or under a lipstick you find a little too dry. I'm pretty happy with it! If nothing else, it comes in a fun package and you know how appealing that can be all on its own!


keerthi said...

I have Raspberry Ice and I looove the way the product looks... so fun!

Sarah Sphar said...

I thought FO SHO they would be clear! I was pleasantly surprised.