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Hello there friends!

I have a couple of recent NOTDs to share, but first, let's catch up a little. I am eagerly anticipating my Make Up Store holographic polishes that I got for 40% off on Wednesday, and word on the street is that we will begin receiving Lynnderella invoices over the weekend. I also have a line on the Rivkas I wanted and then of course there are those Fashion's Night Out Chanels coming up. Needless to say this is all being done in the name of WHEE IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! My birthday is actually September 13 but...I like to spread it out a little.

I've twice tried to get the new Estee Lauder color, Metallic Sage, and twice failed. Yes I could order it online but the shipping cost is bumming me out. I've gone to two Lauder counters and one behaved as though they had no idea what I could be talking about. Sigh.

Also, my blog sale is back up. I have some new things on there that I've decided to part with so take a look if you are so inclined. I've changed up the shipping a little bit because I was losing money on it but I still think it's pretty reasonable.

Anyway, this is NARS Orgasm.

I love the shimmer in this. I do think I used too many coats or perhaps the wrong top coat, because I could still dent it after about 24 hours. I used four coats of Orgasm (hahaha) over two coats of NYC Little Italy. I think next time I would try one coat of Little Italy and three of the NARS. Also, I used SV and it could be that NARS just didn't play well. Beautiful color though. I've wanted this for a while even though peachy colors like this typically don't do me any favors. The shimmer in this one saves it though and I'm really happy with it.

Today I'm wearing Diamond Cosmetics in Chainmail Charm.

I ordered this more than two years ago and never tried it until now! I still remember getting my Diamond order because I ordered so many. At the time they were still $2 each (they're $2.50 now I think) and I had them delivered to a friend's house because I was on vacation.


There are, of course, "dud" versions of this. I do not think this is one.



Thanks for looking!

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