Tony Moly Galaxy Glitters

I joke about his happening often enough, but it's pretty rare that I see a picture of a nail polish and immediately go buy it. But when I saw pictures of the Tony Moly galaxy glitters on MUA, I went directly to eBay and snapped up Neptune, which is (of course) the green one.

This is small green and gold glitter and larger round green glitter in a very pigmented green jelly base. If that sentence sounded like "magical magic magicky magic time" to you, that's because IT IS.



The cap of this polish is a little clumsy to hold, but the brush and formula are great so I had zero application problems. This jelly base is so pigmented and so full of glitter that this is what one coat looks like:

I mean, !!!!!!!!!!

I don't think my photo captures the amazing shiny blingy goodness of this polish, but:

My only tiny nitpick is that this dries pretty heavily textured. I used a coat of Gelous between the polish and a thick coat of SV and I still have some texture. Not enough to detract from the awesomeness, but next time I will probably use an additional coat of Gelous.

I LOVE THIS. I would like to buy more at some point but I've got other stuff percolating right now. This was $9.99 from the eBay seller where I found it, with free shipping from South Korea. I ordered it on June 3 and received it June 11.

Highly, highly recommend!


H said...

LOVE. The purple is on my want list, which I am using Pinterest for. I like Pinterest a lot for that purpose. I like that you are full of good ideas I can steal.

keerthi said...

Beautiful! Neptune is one of the ones I got... it should be here any day now! I also ordered Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. :X

Sarah Sphar said...

I loved the purple too. I am waiting on a Missha purple sparkle at the moment so I held off...for now ;)