Nail Polish Potpourri

I love that they still have the "Potpourri" category on Jeopardy, don't you?

Also...remember when potpourri was a huge trend in the 1980s?


Here are a couple of colors I haven't had time to share with you since beginning my job. I've pretty much decided I can wear whatever color I want though I am steering clear of the greens and blues for now. I know it won't be a "problem" but I'd rather avoid being known as That Girl with The Crazy Nail Polish for now.

Also...can you believe not one other person in my department polishes her nails? My boss always keeps hers polished (pink or red, Ruby Pumps I'm pretty sure) but not one other woman ever wears a lick of color. So...I guess what I'm saying is I'll probably be That Girl With The Crazy Nail Polish anyway.

OPI,Done Out in Deco,labeled swatch,purple,creme

I got some compliments on this one. You will see I am holding a Moon Pie, everyone's favorite snack from down South. Ideally, you walk to the corner store for your Moon Pie and you buy an RC Cola to go with. True story.


Your classic red.


AHHHHH I loved this one. Loved. I couldn't stop staring at my nails. But the dark pretty purple is subtle enough that you won't get Looks.

Here's what I'm wearing now:

I bought this during my obsession with owning every grey out there. I'm over that now but I'm glad I got this one.

Full disclosure: I'm in a bit of a nail polish funk right now. Not in terms of polishing but in terms of buying. Not many of the new collections are really whetting my appetite right now, although I do want a couple of the OPI Hong Kong collection. I had psyched myself up to buy the spring Chanels but you know? I just don't have the fever for them, though they are very pretty.

Is this the biggest problem I have right now? Maybe I should stop whining.


Nails Of The Day: Sally Hansen Mint Sprint

Sally Hansen,Insta-Dri,Mint Sprint,green,creme,hand,labeled swatch

I own a couple of these Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes, and um...hm. I like the idea of a quick-drying polish that achieves complete coverage in one coat, but I am not a fan of the brushes on these babies. First of all, the brush stem is wide and flat -- too wide and flat to wipe excess polish off on the neck of the bottle. So, it's very difficult to control the amount of polish you have to work with. In addition to being pretty wide (which I don't mind, I ride for OPI's ProWide brush, although this is a ProWide and a half), the brush is thick and kind of jagged across the bottom. This is the first Insta-Dri I've tried, so perhaps my bottle of Mint Sprint just has a bummer brush. Still, it was hard to get the polish to look neat across the bottom of my nails, which annoys me. I suppose I should get used to it, however -- the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure colors and the new Rimmel range in the square bottles have similar brushes. So I guess it's the wave of the future. And as with anything, practice makes perfect.

Anyway: I love the color. This is what I put on this morning after removing OPI Pamplona Purple, which I did end up wearing to work on Thursday and Friday, and much as it pains me to tell you...I forgot to photograph it. The manicure fell apart really quickly because of all the cleaning and dishes I had to do after my sink backed up and overflowed...but that's a story best left for my regular blog at some point. There are no overflowing sinks in Happytime Nail Polish Land!

You can find Mint Sprint at drugstores, but hurry...it's a new release and from what I can tell, getting snapped up in a hurry.


Appropriately Enough

I started my new job and I'm fairly certain I saw another woman there wearing a super dark green polish, so I am probably safe to wear whatever I like, but I'm going with the "appropriate" colors for now. It's harder to make mistakes with them, too, and have I mentioned that this job, like most others, requires waking up early? It's odd making the adjustment, my day -- my real day, the part when I get home -- is so short now. That part...I'm not wild about.

Anyway, on to the colors.

This was...awesome. I wore it on my first day of work and I was sad to take it off but you know...this obsession...it owns me. This is the kind of color I really love: subdued with an edge.

OPI,Fair Dinkum Pinkum,pink,glitter,hand,labeled swatch

This...was another story. I received it in a swap and was pretty excited about it, and it is a pretty color but a bit of a streakopotomus. There is some very subtle silver glitter in there that gives it a bit of interest, but the pink is pretty far into Barbie/candy pink territory. A little too far, maybe, for me.