Appropriately Enough

I started my new job and I'm fairly certain I saw another woman there wearing a super dark green polish, so I am probably safe to wear whatever I like, but I'm going with the "appropriate" colors for now. It's harder to make mistakes with them, too, and have I mentioned that this job, like most others, requires waking up early? It's odd making the adjustment, my day -- my real day, the part when I get home -- is so short now. That part...I'm not wild about.

Anyway, on to the colors.

This was...awesome. I wore it on my first day of work and I was sad to take it off but you know...this obsession...it owns me. This is the kind of color I really love: subdued with an edge.

OPI,Fair Dinkum Pinkum,pink,glitter,hand,labeled swatch

This...was another story. I received it in a swap and was pretty excited about it, and it is a pretty color but a bit of a streakopotomus. There is some very subtle silver glitter in there that gives it a bit of interest, but the pink is pretty far into Barbie/candy pink territory. A little too far, maybe, for me.


Anonymous said...

Pretty colors. What's the name of the RBL?

midwestgrrl said...

Oh! Sorry, I'm having trouble with that one in Photobucket and the label isn't showing up. It's RBL Grunge. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it's really cool! Looks great on you. :)a