Nail Polish Potpourri

I love that they still have the "Potpourri" category on Jeopardy, don't you?

Also...remember when potpourri was a huge trend in the 1980s?


Here are a couple of colors I haven't had time to share with you since beginning my job. I've pretty much decided I can wear whatever color I want though I am steering clear of the greens and blues for now. I know it won't be a "problem" but I'd rather avoid being known as That Girl with The Crazy Nail Polish for now.

Also...can you believe not one other person in my department polishes her nails? My boss always keeps hers polished (pink or red, Ruby Pumps I'm pretty sure) but not one other woman ever wears a lick of color. So...I guess what I'm saying is I'll probably be That Girl With The Crazy Nail Polish anyway.

OPI,Done Out in Deco,labeled swatch,purple,creme

I got some compliments on this one. You will see I am holding a Moon Pie, everyone's favorite snack from down South. Ideally, you walk to the corner store for your Moon Pie and you buy an RC Cola to go with. True story.


Your classic red.


AHHHHH I loved this one. Loved. I couldn't stop staring at my nails. But the dark pretty purple is subtle enough that you won't get Looks.

Here's what I'm wearing now:

I bought this during my obsession with owning every grey out there. I'm over that now but I'm glad I got this one.

Full disclosure: I'm in a bit of a nail polish funk right now. Not in terms of polishing but in terms of buying. Not many of the new collections are really whetting my appetite right now, although I do want a couple of the OPI Hong Kong collection. I had psyched myself up to buy the spring Chanels but you know? I just don't have the fever for them, though they are very pretty.

Is this the biggest problem I have right now? Maybe I should stop whining.


Bridget Callahan said...

I like that no one there wears polish. It fits with my childhood fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Love these colors, especially Wild at Heart. I must have it!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, I've tagged you on my blog. :)

midwestgrrl said...

I saw that, thank you! I haven't had time to get to it yet but it looks fun! :)