Revlon Craving Coral

I'm not overall super jazzed about this manicure. Part of it is that I bought this polish for a kind of dumb reason.

Revlon Craving Coral came home with me during the Revlon/CVS frenzy earlier this year. I must admit I only bought it for the ExtraBucks. This is annoying to me because the first rule of ExtraBucks is buyeth not stuff you don't need. Otherwise you just end up wasting money, which sort of defeats the whole point. (This is why shows like Extreme Couponing drive me nuts when they show someone buying 93 bags of Texas Toast croutons. YOU DO NOT NEED 93 BAGS OF TEXAS TOAST CROUTONS.)


It's a pretty polish but it is still a little bit translucent at three coats, plus it was a little runny. Fail on both counts. Also, my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat left these drag marks (you can see them in this picture, on my middle finger), which it tends to do if you use too thin a coat. Additional fail.

For funsies I pulled out everything in my stash I thought might be dupish.

Essence What Do U Think?, Diamond Cosmetics Cameo, Essie Chubby Cheeks, NYC Spring Street, Revlon Craving Coral, Revlon Chili, Sally Hansen Azalea. As you can see, many are not even close. The best candidates are Chili and Spring Street.

I struggled to get a shot where these didn't all look identical. From L-R: Spring Street, Craving Coral, Chili.

It's difficult to see here, but Craving Coral is closest to Chili. I like Chili a lot better so maybe Craving Coral will get re-homed. I should mention that NYC Spring Street is a superior orange - I bought it in lieu of a more expensive Essie polish and I really like it.

Here's a swatch of Revlon Chili, which is part of the Top Speed line.

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