Revlon Top Speed

I mentioned earlier that Revlon nail polishes are on sale at CVS this week. Here are some colors if you have any last-minute shopping in mind! One nice thing about the Top Speed line is that several of the colors are delicious squishy jellies.

Chili (a jelly!)


Jelly (perhaps unsurprisingly...a jelly)

Royal (jelly jelly jelly)
Revlon,Revlon Top Speed,Royal,blue,jelly

Revlon,Revlon Top Speed,Royal,blue,jelly

Emerald (not a jelly)
Revlon,Emerald,Top Speed,Revlon Top Speed,green,creme,bottle pic

Top Speed display...there are many more colors in this line, but you get the idea.
Revlon,Revlon Top Speed,display,phone pic

Happy hunting. :)

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