Nfu-Oh 66

I was going to sit on some of these for a while but who wants one big overblown post when you can have a couple little, appetizer-sized posts? Mmm, appetizers.

So in my quest to try new-to-me brands I ordered two Nfu-Oh polishes from FabulouStreet.com recently. I've always loved the ornate bottles and the stunning holos, flakies, jellies and cremes from this line, but I never took the trouble to make an order until recently. Was there even a promo? I don't think so...I think I just ordered them on a whim.

Nfu-Oh,51,66,holo,green,flakie,bottle pic

I chose 51 and 66 (the colors have numbers, no names). Nfu-Oh (pronounced en-foo-oh) polishes are $12.50 each so although I would love to try some of the creme and jelly finish colors, I took it easy this time around and went with a flakie and a holo.

Nfu-Oh,51,flakie,bottle pic

Honestly, I've been lingering over pictures of 51 since I first started perusing the MUA nail board. LOOK AT IT.

Even considering how delighted I was to finally own 51, I chose to wear 66 first. I'm not holo crazy like some, but I do think they are pretty, and we had been having a lot of sunny days so I figured why not? Of course, now it's raining almost constantly but I did manage to capture a few rainbows indoors for you.



This polish is cuckoo bananas in the sun. Really sparkly, full of rainbows. It's even eye-catching under artificial light.


One of the tricks with polishes like these is using the right base coat. Nfu-Oh offers their own Aqua Base, and you can get similar products from other lines with holographic polishes. Without these bases, the polish will drag and look chalky and patchy.

Some women like to use a matte top coat as a base coat with holos. I didn't buy the Aqua Base this time around and I do have a matte top coat, but because I am a smartypants I decided I would use my ridge-filling basecoat instead. To make a long story short, it didn't work very well. You can see that the finished product looks fine, but up close and in person I can see a bit of patchiness and it bothers me because I am a little bit nuts. So, next time I will try the matte top coat trick and see how it goes. As I said, I'm not holo crazy so I am reluctant to buy the $12.50 base coat for one polish.

I'll post pictures of 51 when I get around to trying it...which should be...very soon.

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Cookbook said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see 51 on your nails! That is really pretty!