Sorry, I can't be any more articulate than that.

I've wanted some Ozotics for a looooong time now, ever since I started hanging out on the MUA nail board. Until fairly recently you could only get them by a) going to Australia or b) getting someone in Australia to send them to you. But now you can get them at Picture Polish, who will send them internationally! All the way from Australia! (The Ozotics are 10% off through July 5, and Picture Polish's international shipping rates are way reasonable as those things go.)

I bought two Ozotics, but let's talk about 511.


I used to think I wasn't a big fan of holographic polishes but OOPS I WAS WRONG.



Just like the Nfu-Oh I showed you, this isn't much in dim or indirect light but in the sun? Yowza!


I guess this is why holos are so fun to wear in the summer. (Duh.)


Adrianna said...

Ohhh that looks so freakin good! I'm on a no-buy until August so this is killing me!

Sarah Sphar said...

Thank you! It made me want to buy more immediately but I think I will wait until later this summer or maybe even my birthday.

I love that you can buy them directly now!