I've been in need of some calming distraction lately and so I've been perusing MUA with rather more frequency than I had been. There were a few weeks where I just barely even looked at it and now it's like I can't get enough of it.

Anyway, I suppose it would be better for me to wait until these things arrive so I can show you pictures, rather than just talking about how I am so excited to get some nail polish in the mail, but: distraction! Hence: rambling!

Lately I've been thinking I might like to cool it a little bit on the impulse drugstore nail polish buying in the interest of trying new-to-me brands. I think this was all brought on by my recent purchases of Lippmann Bad Romance and the trio of a-englands. Damn you, high-end nail polish!

We've discussed before how I won't buy anything for a while and then I'll go bonkers for a couple of weeks - well, the last few weeks have been a "bonkers" period - I'll discuss that in a moment - so now it's time to lay low. I'm also thinking I might like to get all three of the fall Chanels (I should note: I always think this, and then end up getting one or none) so it would be nice to kind of bank the nail polish budget for a while.

So: going bonkers. I thought I would want all the OPI Pirates collection, and I do want a couple of them, but I haven't been plagued with the burning desire to acquire them to the point where I actually drive myself to Ulta and buy them. I have all the Sally Hansens and Wet 'n' Wilds and Essies I could possibly need or want at this point. I don't buy China Glaze and it's been ages since I had to have a Zoya or an Orly. So, WHAT DO TO.

Obviously, ordering pricier polish from smaller companies and/or foreign shores is the answer. Consequently I am waiting on polishes from Nfu-Oh, Cult Nails and Ozotic. I only purchased two from each, so it's not as if I completely lost my mind, but factor in shipping charges and that's a whole lotta Wet 'n' Wild.

Anyway, all this to say that I'm going to try and take it easy until the Chanels are released. Which...I actually don't think is too long from now. But it's good to have goals. Right?


LOL, the Chanels went up today. I ordered Graphite and Peridot.

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Adrianna said...

LOL @ "That's a whole lotta Wet 'n' Wild"