NOTD: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Tattoo

I figured I'd get back in the swing of things with a fairly straightforward NOTD and, coincidentally, a new brand to me.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is changing their nail polish packaging and closing out the old by offering all of their shades for 50% off (I believe the sale is still on, but when I checked today, there were only two colors still available. All the shades will be back, they'll just be in new packaging). I took advantage of this offer by picking up Chlorophyll and Tattoo.
Chlorophyll, Tattoo
Both shades are green cremes (how shocking for me to choose these). Tattoo is a dark, inky green - like a faded tattoo - and Chlorophyll is a bright, almost neon, chemical-looking teal.

I chose to do a manicure with Tattoo first. The formula on this one is simply gorgeous - heavily pigmented and a great consistency that's a bit on the thin side. I had no problem getting this polish to go exactly where I wanted it with no crazy cuticle flooding. I know people will be curious about the so-dark-green-it-looks-black question, but to me this is quite definitely green on the nail. It's murky and awesome! A quick bottle comparison showed that Tattoo is not a dupe for OPI Jade is the New Black or Essie Going Incognito.

OCC's brush is fairly long, but not too floppy or flimsy. However, I am curious if the brush will change along with the new packaging.

I'm sort of bummed I didn't jump at the opportunity to order a few additional colors, because I love Tattoo and I'm a sucker for a beautiful formula. $8 isn't at all a bad price, particularly for a niche/cult brand, though I am also curious if the price and/or product size might change as well. In any case, I can't imagine a reason not to invest in a few more OCC colors at some point in the future!

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