December Birchbox

I joined Birchbox in November and really enjoyed my first shipment. I even purchased the full size of the Avene cleanser, which I love. I really cannot recommend it highly enough. The bottle says it's for oily and blemish-prone skin, and I am not either of those, but I have been remarkably and happily blemish free since I began using it. My skin is really soft now, too.

My December Birchbox was more hit-or-miss. It included a fragrance sample, for one thing, which...eh. I'm not crazy about most perfumes, and even less crazy about the sample of Harvey Prince Ageless I received. I would never buy this.

This month, all Birchbox subscribers got a tiny sample size of Jouer lipgloss in a signature color (although it looks suspiciously like the Peony color Jouer always offers) designed especially for Birchbox. It's a very bright pink, though less pink on the lips than you would expect, and shimmery. Not my taste, although it wasn't horrible looking. I doubt I will use it, though.

I have been using my sample of Orofluido Elixir and thus far I can't really see that it has any lasting wonderful effect, other than making my hair smell really really nice. Which is lovely but I'm not going to pay $30 for just that. I have yet to try this on wet hair, but I have no great enthusiasm about buying this.

I'm still undecided about my sample of Benefit The POREfessional. I've used it on the areas of my face that are the most...uh, pore-y and it...kind of works? I have some spots on either side of my nose and right above my eyebrows that kind of bother me, and I've applied this over makeup and I do find that it sort of diffuses the appearance of larger pores. However, the last thing I need is another pricey ($29) product to slap on my face every day, so I'm not at all sold on this. It just seems like a large investment for a minimal payoff.

Truly, I could care less about the Showstoppers fashion tape I received. I'm not a 19-year-old starlet nor in desperate need of attention so I don't wear stuff that's in danger of exposing my breasts and I doubt I will ever use these. But you never know! So I'll hang onto them just in case.

The last item in the box was a packet of EBOOST natural energy booster. I gave this to my boyfriend because he said he was super tired this morning. I'll have to ask him if he felt invincible after drinking it. I like the opportunity to try little things like this, but honestly, I would probably never buy something like this. I'd be more likely to have a glass of ice water or take a nap.

So that's it for this month! We'll see what January brings. If you're interested in signing up for Birchbox, it's $10 per month. You can use this link to sign up (if you subscribe, I get Birchbox points.)


CCouture said...

OMG. Definitely use the elixir on wet hair! It's one of the best products I have ever used. It makes your hair ridiculously shiny and smooth and so easy to style. I had to buy the full-sized bottle!

MrsSchil said...

I just signed up for Birchbox through the link you posted. I'm pretty excited to get my first shipment!

midwestgrrl said...

CCouture, thank you for the tip! I did try it on wet hair and you are right, it's a big difference.

midwestgrrl said...

Yay! I hope you like it. It's nice that you can try it a couple times and then cancel if you don't really like it.