Chanel Spring 2012: June

Chanel's spring 2012 nail release consists of three polishes: April, May and June. Cute eh?

I passed on April and May, although they are both pretty shades. I love berry shades, therefore I own many, therefore I did not feel drawn to April. May is a super pretty, feminine pink, but it's the kind of pink that makes my hands look dirty.

So, I went with June. Right now (through December 16) Chanel is offering complimentary shipping and a free keepsake box if you choose the gift option with your order. You should do this because it's fun.

It's a cardboard box, nice and sturdy.

This should give you an idea of the size of the keepsake box.

June is a creamy apricot color. The finish is a cross between a creme and a jelly. When I first opened the bottle, my heart sank a little because it looked so sheer. But it's not - below is a picture of my thumbnail with one coat of June.

June's formula is excellent - those of you who have Mimosa and found it difficult to work with can breathe a little easier. The polish is very easy to control.

I didn't do any cleanup on this whatsoever, so you can see that the polish is easy to put it where you want it to go.

These pictures are a little off in terms of color, even using an OttLite. In the picture above, my ring finger and pinky show the truest color representation of June. It's more creamsicle than straight up orange - very creamy and pastel.

If you're considering the spring collection from Chanel, don't fear the pastels! I did two thick coats but with three thin coats, streaks should be a total non-issue.

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Leann said...

i love this on you, but chanel is a bit pricey for me!