Theme Week: Sally Hansen Salon

So, this is one of my favorite brands of widely available drugstore polish and now I hear it's being discontinued? *cries*

Oh well. In celebration of these lovely square glass bottles with their sturdy rubberized caps, I present to you: Sally Hansen Salon Week! What follows are pictures of all the polishes I wore during the week, plus a couple of bonus pics of colors I'd worn previously. What do you think? Do you like this line, are you sad to see it go? Or are you too eager to use the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line to care?

Sally Hansen,Sally Hansen Salon,Arabian Night,purple,glitter,hand,labeled swatch

This is from the Tracy Reese collection from Spring 2008. I had to find it on eBay because it pre-dated my most recent love affair with nail polish, but I didn't really pay much more for it than if I had bought it at CVS or Walgreens. I really like this polish, and it looks really sharp with a matte topcoat, too.

Sally Hansen,Sally Hansen Salon,Azalea,labeled swatch,hand,pink,creme

From Tracy Reese, Spring 2009.

Sally Hansen,Sally Hansen Salon,Honeydew,hand,labeled swatch,green,shimmer

Also Tracy Reese Spring 2009.

Sally Hansen,Sally Hansen Salon,Sweet Creams,cream,creme,hand,labeled swatch

This is the first Salon polish I bought, and I think perhaps they haven't made it in a couple of years? It's my very favorite neutral/sheer polish, although when I pulled it out again last week after not wearing it in a while, it was much more stark and almost mod-looking than I remembered. I really like polishes that are seemingly neutral but still have a fashiony edge to them...OPI Tickle My France-y is another one that's good like that. Essie Chinchilly, too, though that's more pigmented, not a sheer at all.

Sally Hansen,Sally Hansen Salon,Canadian exclusive,Project Runway,green,jelly,glitter,labeled swatch

This is a Canadian exclusive that I only recently got my hands on. They are not sold in the US (yet, anyway...one never knows), but I managed to get four of them through a fellow (Canadian) nail polish buff. I thought Project Runway would be the green version of Arabian Night, but to my surprise it is a deep green jelly with lots of fine gold glitter. Very pretty.

I'll be sad to see these polishes go, but of course, I'm looking forward to trying the new line. I haven't seen it yet around northeast Ohio. What about you? Have you seen it? Going to try it? Or does the price tag put you off?

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marly said...

I filed my long gorgeous natural nails down to the quick to go back to playing classical guitar. Mistake! I am vain and shallow and I miss my beautiful nails. So, I bought Sally Hansen Polar Bare (#120) Salon polish to lacquer the little stubs of nails that I now have and I liked the product. The brush is full and covers my entire nail. It's a soft white that doesn't look costumey.