Another Seasonally Appropriate Color

So here's a funny story.

My family got together today for my cousin's birthday and as we were waiting for dinner my mom noticed my nails. "Oh!" she said. "Now the other day when you were down here, your nails were red, and now they're green!"

God MOTHERRRRRR that was TUESDAY. AS IF I would leave a color on that long!

Anyway, here's the green. Ta-daaaa:
Sephora OPI,green,glitter,labeled swatch,Absinthe Makes the Heart,hand

The name of this polish troubles me a little, not so much because I do or don't like it very much either way, but because it confuses people:

Other person: That's a nice color, what's it called?

Me: Thanks! It's 'Absinthe Makes the Heart."

Other person: Grow fonder?

Me: No, it's 'absinthe.' The drink. Just 'Absinthe Makes the Heart.'

Other person: Yeah, 'grow fonder' is the rest of that saying.

Me: But it's not the saying, it's 'absinthe,' not 'absence,' so it's just...never mind.

Anyway, naming troubles aside, it's a beautiful polish. This is one of those that causes some controversy on the MUA nail board (inasmuch as there can be said to be "controversy" there) because some people REALLY love it and some really hate it. And if you spend $9 on a polish you really want to love it, you know? So it's disappointing when it doesn't happen for you.

In my opinion, what's not to love about a dusty evergreen jelly loaded with green, gold and coppery-red glitter?

And here's a bonus: My Dita von Teese nails with a matte top coat.
chevron,Essie MAY

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