Another Week Of Nails

This week's theme was Maybellines Past & Present.

Some of my earliest nail polish memories involve Maybelline polishes...polishes I wish I'd kept as they are highly sought after now. You can still find old Maybellines at dollar stores and close-out places and lots of nail polish ladies really love to find them. I think for most of us it's more the nostalgia than anything else. These were some of the first cosmetics I bought with my own money, back in the day when blue glitter nail polish was truly out there.

I have a lot of Maybellines, which, please understand, I acquired recently and all at once for literally pennies each. So I decided to go through a bunch of them at once and see if I could find any favorites.

Maybelline,matte,Matte Grey,hand,shimmer,labeled swatch

This is actually an older picture, but it's an old Maybelline so I thought I'd throw it in. I found this at a dollar store and I actually remember having owned this polish previously, maybe in college or right after. Mattes are back again, you know. Fashion is cyclical even in nail polish.

Maybelline,Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds,Plum Solitaire,pink,glitter

I liked this one a lot even though "sparkly pink" isn't really a go-to look for me.

Maybelline,shimmer,orange,copper,labeled swatch,hand

Very pretty.

Maybelline Express Finish,Maybelline,burgundy,shimmer,labeled swatch,hand

This wasn't a favorite, though to be fair I only tried it on without using base coat or top coat. Browns in general don't do a lot for me on the nail, and even though this has a lot of red in it I'm not totally sold on it.

berry,Maybelline,labeled swatch,creme,hand

Ding ding ding, winner. This is much more my style and I actually hated to take it off. Shiny? Berry? Creme? Yes please.

Maybelline,Blushing Bride,cream,sheer,white,pink,shimmer,hand,labeled swatch

I'm having a real moment with sheers and neutrals even though I generally despise French manicures. This color was necessitated by a meeting, but if I'm being honest I was happy to have an excuse to try this one. I also used two coats of Instant Artificials as a base and was really happy with the results...sigh...this is the kind of Nail Polish Crazy that I can't talk about in public. Thank you, Internet, for being my enabler.


Bridget Callahan said...

Hey there.

That blackened maroon is either or is very similiar to the one I wore for all of high school. Before I stopped wearing polish at all.

Anyway, I was just thinking about this, because my pretty new polish came yesterday, and I'm totally using it tonight, and I'm actually pretty excited because I haven't painted my nails in literally 6 years.

midwestgrrl said...

Ooooh I hope you liked it...you will probably need to take it off with cotton balls and foil...glitter is a pain.

Anonymous said...

I love Luscious Violet! Such a beautiful color!

midwestgrrl said...

Thank you! I loved it; it was an unexpectedly fun find.