Mother Lode

Over the weekend I met up with a lovely woman from MUA who offered to go halfs on a nail polish windfall with me. We split up the treasures and I hauled home what must certainly be more than 100 bottles of nail polish, mostly older Maybellines, Sally Hansens, Revlons and L'Oreals. There are some really neat colors, along with some good basics likes reds and nudes, and I've started cataloging them but I'm only through the first 60 or so. It's really a LOT of nail polish.

I expect to gift away some of it in swaps, and of course I know a lot of women who wouldn't be opposed to a fresh bottle of red nail polish, so I'll enjoy playing nail polish Santa for the next several months. Plus, it's always nice to know there's a nail polish ally out there...who understands your "hobby"...

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you're so lucky! :D