Sally Hansen Nail Prisms

I'm sure if you're a girl who is the least bit girly in terms of makeup and whatnot, you know about Sally Hansen products. Basically, if you do your nails, you've used a Sally product at some point, because she makes all of them. I'm a big fan of the instant cuticle remover myself.

Anyway, in terms of nail color, Sally Hansen makes A LOT of freaking lines of nail polish. So many in fact that one might wonder...why exactly...but anyway. One thing I've discovered as I've learned from more hardcore nail polish devotees is that this humble drugstore brand can inspire deep devotion, especially to such beloved discontinued polishes as the Chrome Nail Makeup, Magical Nail Makeup, Fire Opals and Nail Prisms.

I stumbled across a few Nail Prisms recently (you can find all of these wonders on eBay, and some at dollar stores) and they are indeed quite pretty. Normally I'm not a glitter fanatic, but this one is lovely.
Sally Hansen,Nail Prisms,Purple Diamond,pink,purple,hand,glitter

The color is Purple Diamond. I put it on over 2 coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruised, which is a really pretty polish by itself.
rbl,rescue beauty lounge,plum,brown,hand,Bruised

Shiny goodness!

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