Zoya Gemma

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Today I wanted to show you my NOTD, Zoya Gemma. I purchased this during a promo a while back and still hadn't worn it.

Gemma was released with the Intimate collection for Spring 2011. Zoya describes Gemma as a light muted olive green with an overlay of blue and violet duochrome shimmer. One thing that I really like about Zoya's product descriptions is the opacity scale, on which Gemma gets a 4 (1 being sheer, 5 being opaque). It took me three coats to get to the opacity I wanted, so that seems accurate.

It's easiest to see the blue/violet flash in the bottle.

On the nail, the blue flash is most visible.

Gemma is quite beautiful. I love green lacquer so this is a slam dunk for me, but if olive tones suit you this is definitely an unusual shade worth checking out.

I've been in love with Zoya's formula lately, particularly the Feel collection and the four shades I bought from the Smoke and Mirrors fall 2011 collection. Gemma predates these efforts, plus it is a duochrome so it's inherently more sheer, but the formula is very workable. Very sheer on the first coat but not watery or difficult to control.

Thanks for looking!

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