NOTD & OPI New York City Ballet Collection

I've been excited about the OPI NYCB collection for months. When I had the opportunity, I purchased four shades: Pirouette My Whistle, My Pointe Exactly, Don't Touch My Tutu and Barre My Soul.
Pirouette My Whistle
My Pointe Exactly, Don't Touch My Tutu, Barre My Soul
I did a manicure with Barre My Soul almost immediately. What strikes me about these polishes is that they are not streaky, a rare quality in these kinds of sheers.

For today's manicure, I chose to pair My Pointe Exactly with the glitter, Pirouette My Whistle.
Here's some closeups of Pirouette, which is gorgeous just in the bottle.
I did a base coat and then began with Pirouette, followed by My Pointe, another layer of Pirouette and another layer of My Pointe.

I love love love this. I think Pirouette would look fantastic with any of the shades from this collection, as well as any number of other sheers/jellies.

Have you purchased any of these? What are some layering combos you have done/want to do?


cat said...

I would love to purchase these but I'm not sure where to get them online other than amazon. Are these going to be available at drugstores like Duane Reade?

midwestgrrl said...

I'm not certain that Duane Reade or other drugstores get new OPI collections, but you could find them at Ulta, Trade Secret or some JC Penney stores.

You can also find them online at Transdesign.com or Aveyou.com.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love sheers.