I have something ridiculous to show you.

Having grown up in the 80s, I've always been wary of fake plastic drugstore nails. I think I bought some Lee Press-on Nails when I was in middle school. Do you remember those? No? Perhaps a visual aid will help.

I like how they come in "natural" and "glamour" length. Lee's idea of "natural" is more my idea of "glamour," but, whatever. I think at one time there was also a "sport" length, which I definitely remember buying.

Although as a teen, perhaps I should have been buying Miss Lee Press-on Nails. I definitely remember seeing this commercial on television.

I love this commercial. In particular I love the shot of the shoes - we called them "jazz shoes" - at the 15-second mark. I was crazy to have a pair of shoes like that circa 7th grade.

Anyway, I was never able to keep my Press-on Nails pressed on for more than an hour or so, plus, they looked terribly fake. (I suppose part of that could have been operator error.) So I've always been wary of the fake nails that are available in drugstores, because while fun and adorable, I figured there was no point unless you were going to glue them on.

Nonetheless, I saw a review of Nail Bliss nails on Scrangie and I had to have them. I figured I would just skip the adhesive tabs and glue them on. I bought the chrome ones in her review and also the faceted nails (SO AWESOME).

fake nails

This weekend I finally had an opportunity to wear the nails. I couldn't commit to the glue, however, so I tried the adhesive tabs. And they worked great! These nails were crazy fun to wear.


AHHHH! I can't even stand how shiny they are. They were far too long for me right out of the package so I used nail clippers to hack them down to size and then gently filed off the rough edges. They are rather thick, plus using the adhesive tabs makes them somewhat thicker. Viewed close up, I suppose you can tell they are fake, but they didn't look tacky or jank. I felt like I had magical robot droid hands. They really reflect light, too, so if you were going to a concert or a club they would probably almost bling you to death.

I put them on at about 5 pm on Saturday night and removed them at around 7 pm on Sunday. They were fairly comfortable to wear although the thickness started to get to me after a while. I used a nail that was slightly too wide on one finger and that one was kind of sore while I wore the nails. But overall they didn't bother me, and they stayed on very securely.

Removal was easy. I just poured a few drops of pure acetone around the edges of each nail, waited a minute and then gently worked an orange stick underneath. They popped right off. A few of my nails were a little rough after that, but I just buffed them lightly. I did my nails with regular old polish right afterwards, and you can see that (aside from dry cuticles due to the acetone) there were no ill effects. (This is Funky Fingers Elephunk, a dupe to Color Club Wild Orchid.)



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