New OPIs, hooray!

So you may have heard some news recently about the Katy Perry collection from OPI. (That's a joke, because of course you've heard of it.) The collection is already out of stock at Transdesign and I totally missed being able to order Not Like The Movies, the only one I wanted from the set. Bummer. I suppose it's possible I'll find it out in the wild somewhere, but from what I hear this whole collection is flying out of stores so perhaps I shall just have to live without it.

Not to worry, there are other OPIs to get excited about. (And yes...I'm still in the throes of my OPI love...new collections can't come out fast enough for me as far as I am concerned.) For instance, the Serena Williams Glam Slam duo and the Texas collection. Yee-haw!


Anyway, here's the first color I tried from the Texas collection, It's Totally Fort Worth It.

Silvery gray with pink microglitter/shimmer. Quite pretty. When I was applying it, I had a sad trumpet moment when the first coat went on incredibly sheer. But it built well enough. This is three coats.


Perhaps work appropriate, if you have a more conservative office environment. Maybe just two coats if the office is super conservative.


Very subtle and delicate. I'm a sucker for most anything gray so this is win for me.

Except for this.

This is what Transdesign does to some of their OPI caps now. It's a gouge where a serial number should be. Kind of annoying, though not annoying enough to make me drive to Ulta and pay an additional $3 per bottle.

The other Texas colors I ordered are I Vant to Be A-Lone Star, Guy Meets Gal-veston and Don't Mess With OPI. Guy Meets Gal is a jelly and I think it's going to look super cute as a pedicure, should winter ever care to release its iron grip on Northeast Ohio.

As I mentioned, I missed out on Katy Perry but I did get the Serena Williams duo, which includes Black Shatter. Black Shatter is a crackle polish designed to be applied over dry nail polish, creating a shattered effect. I have to admit I didn't go wild for this one at first, but of course I ended up having to have it. I really liked the green in the Serena duo, so I just got the set.

Here's Black Shatter over Revlon Powder Puff, a squishy dreamy white with a blue flash.
OPI,Revlon,Black Shatter,nail art,black,white,Powder Puff

AUGH. I love it!
OPI,Revlon,Black Shatter,nail art,black,white,Powder Puff

Now I know a lot of people are excited about the upcoming China Glaze crackle polishes, but I won't be buying them. I will keep the few China Glaze colors I truly love (Emerald Sparkle, Stroll, Ruby Pumps) but owing to either body chemistry or some other whim of science, China Glaze just plain doesn't work on me. (I also hate their brush, but that's another story). So no Tronica, no Anchors Away, no crackles and no summer neons for me. I can't say I'm too sad.

I'll have to try my other Texas colors soon and let you know what I think!

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H said...

OMG. WANT BLACK SHATTER. That looks amazing, and I love me some OPI.