SpaRitual Sacred Ground

I haven't owned too many SpaRitual polishes, and most of the ones I've bought I've ended up passing along, because either the colors didn't excite me or the formula didn't work well for me. I've never paid full price for one, either: I've seen them at Marshall's for $3 or $4, and I bought some on Aveyou.com during a 40% sale. Normally they're $10 each, and obviously I've paid more for a bottle of polish, but SpaRitual has never thrilled me enough to shell out the full price.

The Wilde collection for fall 2011 interested me, though. After viewing swatches online, I narrowed my wish list down to Sacred Ground and Howl. Not long ago I bought a coupon deal for Aveyou.com, which basically allowed me to buy $50 worth of goodies for $14, so I added the mini sizes of both polishes to my cart.

SpaRitual minis are adorable because they are pint-sized versions of the full size bottles, right down to the awesome grippy cap. At $5 each, they're not exactly a bargain for the amount of polish you get, but if you're slightly wary it's at least a savings over the full-size bottle. Fewer regrets if you don't like it, but probably more difficult to swap.
SpaRitual full size (Yes, I Can!) vs SpaRitual mini (Sacred Ground)
Sacred Ground is difficult to describe - the best I can do is that it's a gray/brown base with gold and purple flecks. Initially it reminded me of Hard Candy Mr. Wrong, and they are similar, but Mr. Wrong is more blingy...and less subtly interesting. I know I'm splitting hairs there, but you polish devotees will know what I mean.
SpaRitual Sacred Ground; Hard Candy Mr. Wrong
Anyway, the color is quite interesting and beautiful, though I suspect some will find it too muddy for their taste. It puts me in mind of OPI by Sephora's Absinthe Makes the Heart - there's a beautiful color in there, but it's hiding a bit.

What it really reminds me of on the nail is brocade fabric, where you can see little hints and threads of brilliant colors peeping out.
Another comparison
The formula on this was nicer than other SpaRituals I've used. It was far less runny and much easier to control. Drying time was pretty normal, too.

I used two coats over a nail treatment and base coat, and topped them with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in the red bottle.

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Elizedge said...

reminds of of the new L'Oreal Owl's Night and Sally Hansen Sequin Scandal
I don't own and SpaRitual- thanks for the review!