Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid

First off, I need to tell you briefly about my trip to CVS yesterday or I'll explode. No one else really cares, though my boyfriend bore witness to the whole thing and was duly impressed. Anyway, I didn't really buy anything fun (light bulbs, batteries, new toothbrushes, Q-tips, that kind of thing) but I ended up saving $26.50 on a $50 total (and I got $7 in ExtraBucks back). HOORAY FOR EXTRA BUCKS AND COUPONS.

What's really nice is that the CVS sale circular will even tell you what products have coupons in the Sunday paper so it's kind of a no-brainer. The only issue is that if you are really against buying stuff from P&G you are kind of out of luck.

Okay back to the fun stuff!

I mentioned a while ago that I was waiting on an order from Cult Nails, and I just now realized I haven't posted about it yet!
Cult Nails,bottle pic,Living Water,green,glitter,jelly,My Kind of Cool Aid,shimmer,lavender,taupe

My Kind of Cool Aid, Living Water.

Cult Nails,bottle pic,My Kind of Cool Aid,shimmer,lavender,taupe

Silver shimmer.

Cult Nails,bottle pic,My Kind of Cool Aid,shimmer,lavender,taupe,Sally Hansen,Mystic Lilac,comparison

Comparison with Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac, in case you were curious.

Cult Nails,bottle pic,Living Water,green,glitter,jelly

Living Water looks amazeballoons, in my opinion. I need to get some Gelous before I wear it, though. If it's lumpy I'll cry and throw a fit and no one wants that.

Here's My Kind of Cool Aid on the nail.
Cult Nails,My Kind of Cool Aid,purple,shimmer

My application is uneven here but you can see the silver shimmer. It's VERY subtle.
Cult Nails,My Kind of Cool Aid,purple,shimmer

Cult Nails,My Kind of Cool Aid,purple,shimmer

I can happily report that the Cult Nails formula is lovely. The brush was great, too. This was a curious color...my boyfriend went out of his way to compliment it. I don't really see my greens and glitters as all that "out there" anymore but I forget that other people do. He really noticed the subtlety of this one (if in fact that makes sense...noticing subtlety...anyway).

For me personally I'm kind of on the fence about this one. I love the polish but I have other similar colors that I also love, so this one is in the blog sale for someone else to love!

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Nancy L. said...

Living water looks just lovely
Next time I go to CVS I'll buy this color if they have it.