A humble request

Now that the light is lasting longer during the day, I've been taking more nail pictures and working up some lipstick/lipgloss posts. I'll get those sorted as soon as I can, but I have a random question.

Is anyone in the UK (or Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter) have access to L'Oreal Elvive royal jelly conditioner? Specifically, this one. I was able to buy a big bottle at a pharmacy when I was in Dublin three months ago but I'm going to run out soon and...well, I don't want to run out.

It's possible to find it here but it's very expensive, even considering converting the cost from euro and accounting for shipping. If there's anyone out there wanting to do a swap or CP (I will CP for you, if there's anything you want), let me know. And thanks!

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Cin O said...

Sorry I haven't seen that product before. I am in the USA though. I will look though the next time I am out shopping.