OP-I Love You

I feel like it's been so long, and yet the last post was just six days ago, which is crazy because I feel like I wore Zulu just ages ago.

In that post I mentioned I was having a fling with OPI. For various reasons I wore several OPI colors back-to-back and became semi-obsessed. They're just so darn GOOD. The brush is perfect on my nails and the formula and pigmentation are simply awesome. Around this time I also became somewhat stalker-ish about acquiring the OPI/Ulta holiday exclusives. Now I'm not so sure they're a must-have, but never say never when it comes to nail polish.

In any event, OPI.

OPI,Let Me Entertain You,pink,magenta,shimmer,Burlesque,bottle pic

I did totally swearsies with myself that I would not get any of the Burlesque collection. Call me crazy, but most glitters don't drive me wild with desire. In fact I think most of the Burlesque glitters are kind of a mess, frankly. I know many were over the moon about them, but between the gritty finish and the pain-in-the-A removal process I just can't be bothered. Aside from Ali's Big Break, I didn't feel particularly drawn to any of the other colors, and then? Then I went to Ulta.

OPI,Let Me Entertain You,pink,magenta,shimmer,Burlesque

OPI,Let Me Entertain You,pink,magenta,shimmer,Burlesque

OPI,Let Me Entertain You,pink,magenta,shimmer,Burlesque,bottle pic

Yes. Very very very pretty. Incidentally, also very close to Pomegranate Me A Wish, one of the 2009 OPI exclusives through either Trade Secret or Beauty Brands.

After that, I felt compelled to drag out a 2009 Ulta holiday exclusive.

OPI,Visions of Sugarplum,holiday,holiday 2009,purple,shimmer

Then I received Parlez-vous OPI? in a swap and used it right away.

OPI,Parlez-Vous OPI,purple,dusty,labeled swatch,French Collection

So here's where things started to get sliiiiiiiightly obsessive. I put together an all-OPI cart at Transdesign.com and then thought better of it. However I did find myself at Ulta AGAIN one night recently and purchased two colors I've been wanting for a little while, Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not and You Don't Know Jacques!


I love OPI so much I can't stand it. But next time I'm going to show you what I got in my first-ever BB Couture order, which should be arriving in my mailbox very soon. Hooray!

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Solveig said...

I'm in love with OPI as well. Whenever I do a mani with a pain in the a** polish, I always go back to OPI afterwards!

Let Me Entertain You is soooo pretty, and I think that Burlesque is one of the best OPI collections ever! (Although I'm not too crazy about the glitters either, I only got one of them.)