Jade Vermelho Surreal

Confession: I'm more picky and fussy about buying polish than I've ever been before. I barely throw it a glance when I walk into a drugstore. This morning in CVS I didn't even look. I've been wearing a lot of my older favorites lately (today: Misa Cherry Topping).

But that's not to say I'm immune to a charming stranger, like Jade Vermelho Surreal. This is a dark red linear holo, and it just so happens that "dark red linear holo" is music to my ears. I have plenty of red linear holos and holo sparkles in my collection but I can almost always find room for another (you can see a comparison post of other red holos here).

Anyway: Jade Vermelho Surreal.

It's a nice, dark red. I haven't compared it on the nail to Hits Ares, but in the bottle Ares is just a bit brighter.
Mmmmm, holo.

I liked it on the nail a lot.
I have about enough holos in my collection at this point...I think I'm burned out on all the pastel holos, and the deep colors I like (red, purple, green) I have pretty much covered, though I'd still like a nice deep green linear holo, swoon. But I'm glad I picked up Vermelho Surreal. It's a good strong holo, and the formula is really nice. I found Hits Ares to be a little on the sheer side (maybe "jelly" is a better way to describe it) and it needs at least three coats. This is not really uncommon with holos, but Vermelho Surreal would probably be good at two coats with careful application. The brush and formula are both good enough to make this possible.

I did not use an aqua base with this and it didn't seem to need it. I used it over my usual Palladio base coat and finished it off with a coat of Seche Vite, with no dulling. (Incidentally, I recently bought a bottle of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast-Dry Topcoat, which is rumored not to dull holos, but I haven't tried it with any of my pickier holo lacquers just yet.)

This polish has a distinctive odor that whispers "not B3F" but I'm not 100% positive about that. Just keep that in mind if it's something you are concerned about.

I bought my bottle from shop.llarowe.com for $10 plus very reasonable shipping; in checking the website just now I see the price has dropped to $7. It is also available on Ninja Polish for $7.50. Both sites are out of stock at the moment. The bottle size is 8ml. For reference, a bottle of Zoya is 15ml.
Jade Vermelho Surreal

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Jacqui of The Scholarly Nail said...

This is gorgeous, and probably the best red holo I've ever seen! I hear ya on being discerning with buying polish, pretty much the only stuff I've bought recently is fall colors that really stood out to me or vintage polishes I've been lemming for awhile.