Okay okay okay I PROMISE to try and do better. I'm still polishing, still buying, still loving all things nails but truth to tell I have been a little lax with some things. For instance I am at work right now with polish peeling off half of my nails. NOT COOL.

I still Instagram most of my manicures and while I realize that's not the best way to photograph polish for accuracy and attractiveness, I'm going to use it as a basis to touch on some things and preview some others.

First off I've somehow, through sales and well-connected friends, managed to get hold of a lot of the Zoya Beach and Surf collection. This is Kimber.
The sparkly shades from this collection are really pretty. I am wearing Carly on my toes right now and I've worn it as a manicure a couple of times as well.

I also ordered a couple of shades from Zoya's fall release, FeiFei and Evvie. Here's FeiFei.
This is a really gorgeous color and I can't wait to try and photograph it with a real camera to try and capture all the little colors within it. Part of my nail polish issue right now is that nothing I'm seeing feels very unique, and while I'm certainly open to buying similar colors or even dupes to get a superior formula or that slightly different shade that makes me fall in love, I'm more likely to be picky about it. FeiFei is the first thing I've seen in a while that seemed to me personally to be unique.

In a similar vein (and a similarly terrible picture), here is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri In A Flurry.

This is also quite beautiful. It's a fall release and it represents the first time in forever that I've felt driven to hunt down a drugstore unicorn. As you know these particular creatures can be very elusive, but I eventually ran across this one in—as usually happens—a drugstore not on my usual beat, where I hadn't planned to be. I'm really sorry for the horrible quality of this photo but again, I can't wait to take real pictures of it. (In the meantime, Google Scrangie's swatch and you will be the amaze.)

I also want to tell you about the polishes I recently ordered from Cirque. This is what you might term an "indie" brand and what I've seen so far is super awesome and impressive. I ordered Tibetan Nights, a deep blue jelly with teeny tiny silver/holo glitter, and Never Nude, a nude-toned linear holo.
The purple holo from this line is also outta sight, and the packaging and service when you order are nothing short of top notch.

What else have I unearthed? Well, through the kindness of a long-distance nail polish friend I finally laid my hands on OPI Tucumcari Boys 'n' Berry. I also want to tell you about Chanel Frenzy, which may be the perfect neutral.

More to come soon!

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