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Sorry for the continued hiatus! My nails are in much MUCH better shape now, but the light here is still totally crummy and I've been too busy to get my OttLite out very much. Here are a couple of quick iPhone shots...some are a little blurry but you'll get the general idea, I hope.

First here's a picture of one of my Helmer drawers. I had to reorganize recently as I um...outgrew a couple of my brand-specific drawers. This is Essie, Zoya and Misa.

Here's the Jessica Disco Diva set - the special base coat and the silver holographic polish, which is stunning.
Jessica Disco Diva

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the choices I have in my nail polish collection (boo hoo hoo, right) that I go to an old favorite. OPI Big Apple Red is one of those favorites and it's a great polish, too.

OPI Big Apple Red

Recently I wore Zoya Sarah which I ordered because...my name is Sarah.

Zoya Sarah

Not long ago I saw a picture of OPI You're A Doll (from the 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection) and I was seized with the desire to have it. It's discontinued, but readily available on eBay for about retail (I got mine for $7.50 with free shipping).
OPI You're A Doll
It's a really strange polish - kind of a sheerish mauve-y gray shimmer with flecks of reddish microglitter. This is three coats and in certain lights I can still see my nail line, but in most lights it's opaque. It's an interesting twist on a neutral and certainly very work-friendly with just a little bit of interest to keep you from being bored.

I have a lot of new stuff to share - Layla holos, new a-Englands, the Chanel Gold Fingers Las Vegas exclusive...so let's hope the days start getting longer and the light gets better!

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