Hi there. I've been "working" on a massive Photobucket organization project over the weekend, labeling and tagging my nail polish photos. Years from now, when wise people ponder the decline of civilization, they will point to my efforts and say, Blame her.

So here's what's been up, on my nails anyway.
RBL,Rescue Beauty Lounge,Orbis Non Sufficit,green,creme,swatch,labeled swatch

RBL,Rescue Beauty Lounge,Orbis Non Sufficit,green,creme,swatch

Nicole,Sensational Scarlet,glitter,holiday,holiday 2010,red,swatch,labeled swatch

Nicole,Sensational Scarlet,glitter,holiday,holiday 2010,red,bottle pic

Lastly, you may have heard there's a new Chanel release coming soon (perhaps tomorrow?). Called Riva, it's rumored to cost $39 per bottle. While I highly doubt this I cannot find any evidence supporting or contradicting the claim. It's a very pretty light blue with a bit of shimmer. I saw a swatch on the MUA nail polish board and it looks gorgeous on, though as to be expected it's drawn out the Chanel haters.

I have my share of Chanel polishes. As nail polish goes it's expensive, and if you buy a sold-out limited edition color on eBay long after it's been cleared out of boutiques and online stores you're going to pay a ridiculous amount for it. My rule is that I either get it at retail or I don't get it. Other people have different rules and that's fine. To each her own! It's just nail polish.

What's strange is that the mere existence of Chanel nail polish seems to make some people very very angry, which is...strange to me. As with anything, it's possible some of these people have purchased Chanel polish and been unsatisfied or had a bad experience. Other than that I'm not sure why there's any need to get angry about nail polish. If you don't like it, don't buy it...it's really that simple.

As for me it's safe to say that if Riva is in fact $39 I won't be standing in line to purchase it. I'm very happy with all of my Chanel polishes and have enjoyed them a great deal but even I have limits. (Update: Apparently the retail price will be $27.)

No, it's true, I do.

For your enjoyment:

Chanel,Paradoxal,shimmer,purple,swatch,labeled swatch

Chanel,Chanel Nouvelle Vague,Nouvelle Vague,blue,shimmer,labeled swatch

Chanel,Jade Rose,pink,hand,labeled swatch



Beauty Reductionista said...

I passed on Paradoxal and now I regret it. OH WELL. Like you said, it's just nail polish. :D Gonna keep a sharp eye out for Riva but not sure if it's going to make it up to Canada.

midwestgrrl said...

I guess there's a Revlon dupe for Paradoxal now? I haven't seen it in person.

I think it's weird that Riva would cost $39 but what do I know?