Change of address; SPARKLE!

Here's my little bit of news: You can now point your browsers directly to www.nailpolishnonsense.com, no "blogspot" required. It only took me one million Internet years to do this, so, hooray! *throws confetti*

To celebrate, I present to you an appropriately happy nail polish, Milani Hi-Res. This was from the 3-D Holographic collection that appears to be offered with the core Milani line in most stores, along with the neon lacquers in the opaque bottles. (It's funny...we like our polish opaque and our bottles see-through.)

Milani holo purple Hi-Res

This is a beautiful polish, shown here with two layers. It took me a while to warm up to holos, but this is absolutely mesmerizing on the nail.

Milani's formula always works very well for me and this was no exception. By the way, this has been sitting in my untrieds for months and months. Why did I wait so long?!

Milani holo purple Hi-Res

Now I'm quite eager to use the other Milani 3-D Holographic polish I have, Digital. It's the light pink holo from the collection. I skipped the green in that collection on the basis of already owning China Glaze DV8, which is one of my favorite polishes ever.

China Glaze,holo,DV8,blue,green,glitter,bottle pic


Ah, I love that one. Sigh. I should wear it again soon.

Here's a bottle pic of the Milani holos, for your shopping pleasure.


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Solveig said...

Oh, I love Milani Hi-Res! Such a cute and sparkly holo.