Hello there, sorry it's been a while. As promised I haven't been buying much nail polish lately but I've been having a great time rummaging through my collection. I've also completed a few swaps that were a lot of fun...recently I was able to send someone a number of surprise extras that were on her wish list, and I love doing that.

Anyway, I did make an exception to my no-buy the other day...though I have to say, it's not so much a strict no-buy as it is a not-really-feeling-anything phase. I do really want some of the new Essie colors but not badly enough to run out and pay $8 each for them. But in any event I received an email from Sally Beauty informing me that I only needed to spend $2 to receive my 15% off bonus coupon for July, so naturally I made a point of stopping by on my lunch break this week. Now to be honest with you I had other, hair-related purchases in mind, but as always I perused the polish selection. I found this screamingly neon Nina that's blowing my mind:


YOWZA. These pictures are disappointing because you can't see just how BRIGHT the polish is, or the amazeballs GREEN SHIMMER in it, but it's all there. Dries matte like a true neon, so I used Seche Vite to give it shine. If you're familiar with the China Glaze Poolside collection (I don't own any of them because China Glaze doesn't seem to work well for me), it's very similar in color to Flip Flop Fantasy.

Nina,Nina Pro,Say Cheese!,coral,neon,shimmer,labeled swatch

Different lighting.


I can't wait to wear this as a pedicure, honestly.

Previously I was wearing another Nina, Tutti Frutti from the Hard Candies collection.
Nina,Nina Pro,Tutti Frutti,pink,jelly,labeled swatch

Bright pink jelly with silver flecks. Not quite 100% opaque, but I didn't have any problems with a visible nail line.

I really love Nina polishes and I hope they keep coming out with new colors and collections. For less than $4 I'm happy to experiment.


Ashley A. said...

Oooh, interesting orange. I might pick this up. I've never heard of an orange polish with green shimmer in it!

Solveig said...

Those are awesome! I love neons for summer. :)