A while ago I used a discount code to purchase several Illamasqua nail varnishes. I already owned Rampage and Muse and couldn't wait to try more shades. It's been a while since that order, and after trying Jan (a dusty, muted pinky taupe) and Grab (a grapey pink) I set the last two shades (Milf and Fern) aside for a while. Last week I pulled Milf out of my stash and I'm delighted to share it with you now.

Illamasqua,green,mint,MILF,creme,labeled swatch

Pastels, as we know, can be terribly problematic, but Milf was extremely easy to apply. The color payoff is great, too. I do have other minty greens, but Milf seems to be one of those polishes that attracts comments - it just has some quality about it that's unusual enough to remark on it.

Here are some other mint greens, for comparison (and for fun!).

Orly,Mint Mojito,Essie,Greenport,Mint Candy Apple,Illamasqua,Milf,green,bottle pic

Orly Mint Mojito, Essie Greenport, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Illamasqua Milf.

And on the nail:
Sally Hansen,Insta-Dri,Mint Sprint,green,creme,hand,labeled swatch




Solveig said...

I prefer Essie Greenport, though the Illamasqua is very beautiful too. :)

midwestgrrl said...

Oh, I love Greenport. That's another one that gets commented on. I had to hunt it down online, very glad to have found it. :)

Ashley A. said...

Every time I see Milf, I think of the abbreviation and the color loses all prettiness...oh well.