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So for today's post I thought we'd take a closer look at this very diverse family:


Aren't they pretty?

I've tried them all except the first one in that pic, the red (which is really a coral). But here are the rest of them.

Maybelline,Maybelline Orange Ole,Orange Ole,orange,creme,labeled swatch

Loved this one. I like the idea of orange nail polish but I don't often love the results on me. This one was different - a bit muted, a bit burnt. I would almost say work appropriate in most offices. Still has the fun and pop of orange, but with a bit of sophistication.

Maybelline,Banana Bamba,Maybelline Banana Bamba,yellow,shimmer,labeled swatch

Initially I was disappointed this had a slight shimmer, but it's really quite pretty. The formula sort of sucks, which seems to be the way with yellows. I will wear this one again.


Maybelline Minty kicked off this whole Maybelline-acquiring spree. People on the MUA nail board went bonkers for it and, like a good lemming, I promptly fell in line. Minty, Pie in the Sky and Goody Plum Drop are all from the same collection and they all had similar issues with formula. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, but the first coat goes on and looks almost gritty. Some people have speculated this is because the bottles don't contain the usual metal mixing balls. Maybe that's it? I'm not sure, but at least with my bottles the issues straightened themselves out on the second and third coats. I ended up loving all of these, particularly the green and the blue.


Again, grittiness on the first coat, perfection thereafter.

Maybelline,Maybelline Express Finish,purple,shimmer,lavender,limited edition,Goody Plum Drop,Maybelline Goody Plum Drop

Pretty, though I would say my least favorite of the grouping. This is another instance where I thought I was buying a creme, then got it home and discovered it was a shimmer. Also I could probably do with an additional coat here.

So there's your Maybelline rainbow! Enjoy.

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