Time Out

Hello there!

I didn't intend to take such a long break after those two labor-intensive posts. It just kind of happened. For one thing, we got a dog three weeks ago, so my nail-polishing time has been significantly reduced. I haven't even been on MUA very much of late. And...though you may find this shocking...I haven't even bought any nail polish recently.

I'll let that sink in for a minute.

Again, we'll blame this on the dog. It seems that little doggies need all sorts of things (a crate, a bajillion toys, a bed, a harness, a collar, a lead, dental paraphernalia...) that cats don't need or at least that no cat of mine ever had. So I've been saving money for dog things.

I'll also admit to some degree of fatigue with the whole thing of late. Not with polishing my nails, I always love doing that, but I don't really find that any of the new collections are really doing it for me right now. Everything seems pretty but not exciting enough to spend money on. Also, I'm tired of hearing people complain about crackle polish. It's fine if you don't care for it, but I'm not sure I ever need to see another MUA post that begins, "Is it just me, or..." regarding crackle polish. AIEEEEEEEE.

Some recent-ish manicures.

Revlon Royal, from the Top Speed line. These polishes are really nice. I resisted buying this one for a long time, because Orly Royal Navy looked so disgusting on me. But this was nice! I wore it the day we adopted our dog.


This is Pay Days are Happy Days, from the Misa 9-5 collection. I bought almost all of them.


Pretty highly dupe-able I'd say. But Misas are great quality and very inexpensive, so I was happy to grab them up. L-R: Coffee Pick Me Up, Office Polish-tics, Pay Days Are Happy Days, Working Hard or Hardly Working, PaintMyNails@Work.

Sadly I've been neglectful about taking pics of the colors I wear lately. (Oops.) Frankly I've been wearing a lot of OPI Moon Over Mumbai because it's hard to mess up the application and it doesn't show wear very easily. My nails are having kind of a janky moment right now and I don't feel like fussing with a spectacular color, so low-key is where it's at.

Tell me what you're excited about getting or looking forward to seeing for spring and summer. Maybe that'll put me back in the mood to blab about polish again. :)


H said...

Oh I am in LOVE with that blue. Love love love. I need to get out of my nail funk. Mine haven't been painted in weeks. And they look terrible and I can't stop picking at them or obsessing over how weird my fingers and oddly shaped my fingernails are.

KarenD said...

Where are the new dog photos, please? That Misa is nice, but I wanna see the doggie. :)

Sarah Sphar said...

My nails are falling apart! I finally just cut them short in an attempt to get rid of all the breaky bits so now I am mad at them for being ugly.

I will be happy to post some doggie pics! In fact I need ("need") to take some new ones now that he's a bit more used to us. :)