Painted Lady

A few years ago I went on vacation to the beach. For some reason I had neglected to get my toenails done before I went on this vacation, which was really dumb and careless on my part, a girl wants her toenails polished when she's at the beach. But anyway, I went down there without doing my toenails. And now that I think of it, maybe I hadn't even had my nails done. The horror.

So, one day near the end of that vacation, I found a nail salon and I went in to get a manicure. The guy did my manicure and inquired whether I wanted a pedicure as well. I said yes, and he asked what color. I shrugged and said, "red," because that is really the only color I get for pedicures. Red or some variation thereof. Anything else just looks weird to me.

So I said "red" and the guy must not have heard right and thought I said "French." Which...I mean, I don't want to offend anyone, I know people love their French manicures. But they are just...not for me. And French pedicures, well. You can see what the Internet has to say about that. And that's how I got a French pedicure and ended up with the feet of a stripper for two weeks.

The kicker is, French pedicures cost extra! Blar!

Anyhow there will be no fancy pedicure-getting before my trip this year. I wore a pair of vintage Ferragamo flats the other day and gave myself some blisters, so I am not about to go sticking my feet in any salon tubs. I did my own toenails, which I hate doing because I am bad at it, but they look okay.

I used OPI Peru-B-Ruby. It's a treasure, this polish, because I got the old formula which means it smells extra toxic and has all the good chemicals in it that they don't use in nail polish anymore.

I would show you pictures but you know...feet.

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