Oh, All That Stuff Is Here Now

It occurred to me that maybe some regular readers of my other blog were getting tired of all the nail talk, so I moved all the nail talk to its own place. So, you can ignore it if you want to, but you're here already, so stick around and see how it goes.

Now over the weekend I asked the Internet what color I should put on my nails next, and the Internet was all, "Ooh! Ooh!" and picked the color. And then I went to Ulta and it cast a spell on me and I bought a couple new colors. So I painted my nails Green-wich Village by OPI.

OPI Green-wich Village

To be fair...the Internet picked green, and this is green, although this is more of a froggy Kermit green rather than a oh-no-you-ripped-off-my-skin-and-now-you-know-I'm-an-alien-lizard green. Which is not to say I'm not excited about wearing that green, I am. I'm just going to do it another time.

Anyway, maybe it's time to do a sort of poll thingie on the sidebar there, we can leave it up for a while and put this matter to the populace. Because it's important? No, no it isn't important. But it might be amusing, sort of.

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